Think local, act …er local

September 24th, 2008 by Jon Clements


Following on from a recent post about how some professional journalists in the US are adopting a different model online in order to survive, this latest departure in web journalism takes it down to an even more local level, with MyBallard being an online news service for a neighbourhood of Seattle.

Still, the couple behind it are life-long professional journalists, which raises the question of how good a news service as opposed to a blog – any news service – would be if there were no professional journalistic input.

 Maybe the demise of journalists has been greatly exaggerated?

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3 Responses to “Think local, act …er local”

  1. Craig McGinty Says:

    Think there will be a need for enterprising, entrepreneurial journalists, maybe its delivery of news by newspapers where the problem lies…

  2. Jon Clements Says:

    I think there’s something in that – especially going back to the comments from Joel Kramer, the journalist who runs MinnPost, who highlights the problem of advertisers choosing other methods away from traditional print ads (and even online banner ads), so reducing the spend to maintain quality journalism.

  3. Media Training Says:

    Blogging is becoming more and more of a way to get news from another angle. We get a large number of journalist getting in touch with us asking if they can work on our podcasting courses and offer advice. What it shows is more and more journalists are branching away from the usual print based media.

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