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A Sign The Political Press Is Turning Against Cameron/Osborne

Friday, October 31st, 2008 by Mark Hanson

There’s been some comment on the web about a dossier put out by Labour’s new improved spin machine. It’s a very detailed research document put out by Labour to act as material for the media to ‘balance’ any reporting of Tory economic policy and announcements that come out of Osborne’s office. Juicy red meat to be used in the ‘baiting game’ so eagerly pursued by the lobby.

What’s interesting here is that this dossier is the SEVENTH to be put out by Labour but only the first to be picked up by the press. There were others on tax, crime and health with a strong media relations campaign undertaken by Party HQ during Party Conference season. But no interest, not even a side-bar against various shadow ministers’ policy pronouncements.

This tells us that the atmosphere is changing somewhat. There’s an appetite to scrutinise Cameron now and the press, which hunts as a pack, is after Osborne.