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The power of the Tweet

Thursday, February 26th, 2009 by Cat Breckwoldt


After being very careful not to mention brands, especially clients, in my tweets as I did not want to provoke any controversy, I was so frustrated with one aspect of the Gorkana Database (a media directory for PR people) that I decided to break my own rule and tweet about it!

‘Cat Breckwoldt can’t believe Gorkana regional mapping function STILL isn’t working!! But I am happy that the speed for the rest of the website has improved.’

I posted this on Twitter at approximately 3.53pm on Friday 20th February, thought nothing of it and continued working until 4.54pm when an e-mail from Gorkana popped into my inbox! After noticing my recent comment on their regional mapping section, they sent me a very apologetic e-mail, apologising for the maintenance work taking place to the site and promised to have it back up again and working soon.

I feel this highlights two major points: first of all the power of Twitter to communicate problems and voice one’s opinions in a very public forum. This is a very powerful tool for brands who want to communicate directly with customers and proves how influential social media can be for companies to solve any problems that their customers may be encountering.

Second, it highlights that you should always be aware of who may be watching or following you.  In the world of social media nothing is private, as George Orwell says in 1984 ‘Big Brother is watching you.’ Remember this before your next Tweet.