Facebook befriends Spotify

October 4th, 2011 by Gemma Ellis

Another week, and another Facebook update that’s caused a racket in the media. This time it’s the social network’s partnership with digital music service Spotify that’s got punters in a spin.

Facebook will now offer free music streaming through Spotify whereby users can share their listening habits with friends, get personal recommendations and see what’s trending. To complete the union, it will also be compulsory for new Spotify customers to sign up with a Facebook account.

So, thumbs up from the social media giant in terms of user engagement – Facebook has access to a whole new audience who are being engaged on the site for longer and in more diverse activities.

But – surprise, surprise – privacy is once again an issue.

Subscribers are up in arms that their music choices should be made public while many feel alienated that Spotify would ‘sell out’ by enforcing Facebook membership on its customers.

I can understand why people are irked but personally I’m excited about having access to an eclectic music library based on what my friends are enjoying, rather than what the critics tell me to. Besides, the option exists to privatise listening activities, so if you do want to hide those guilty pleasure records, you can.


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  1. Jess Eggington Says:

    Agreed; Spotify is one of the best decisions Facebook has engaged in. I regularly get bored of the songs that I listen to very quickly and I would spend ages searching YouTube or iTunes for new music that I actually like, to add to my playlists. Since Spotify, it’s quick and simple to find tracks and playlists that my friends are trending towards. From what I can see on my Facebook news feed, it’s already becoming one of, if not the, most popular music streaming channels around.

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