Ryanair’s Blog Wars – It Gets Visual

March 3rd, 2009 by Mark Hanson

It’s not just text that your audience can use to comment about you – technology means easily sharable visuals quickly do the rounds as well. Ryanair’s recent problems just get worse…..


Hattip: Antony Mayfield

9 Responses to “Ryanair’s Blog Wars – It Gets Visual”

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  2. Catherine Breckwoldt Says:

    Great find Mark. I was horrified to hear that their going to be charging people to use the toilets! I’ve used Ryan Air once before and needless to say I’ll never use them again.

  3. Rekha Says:

    … enjoyed the link to the Guardian online piece….Ryanair – how NOT to use social media… great post – love that visual!

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  5. RobArtisan Says:


    I think people miss the point.

    O’Leary and Ryanair have much to be desired but their controversial approach generates headlines. I am sure O’Leary’s style is in part based on stirring things up, generating column inches and chatter.

    After all how many CEOs of airlines can you name? I hazard a guess that with Virgin, Ryanair gets in the media more than their rivals.

    I don’t believe that any publicity is good publicity overused quote but Ryaniar has grown at a phenomenal rate and perhaps it does apply in Ryanair’s case.

    I am sure O’Leary is happy for us to be chatting online, whatever we say,


  6. Euonym Says:


    I agree with you on the whole about O’Leary, and usually treat his announcements in eactly that light, as an attempt to generate publicity for his company. But I can’t for the life of me see what he gets out of this one.

  7. Phil Houghton Says:

    That’s satire at its best. Ryanair seem to be painting themselves into a Ratners shaped corner.

  8. Discount Pro Says:

    Mega fun! Thought it’s funny sometimes it happens 🙁

  9. Matsky 04 Says:

    Personally I hope that the shareholders can buy this idiot out, he is a dangerous fool that should be courting new passengers not highlighting the fact that buying a Ryan air ticket is akin to being mugged.

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