Oliver Postgate – RIP

December 9th, 2008 by Jon Clements

Oliver Postgate – creator of some of the greatest UK children’s television – has passed.

His work which included Bagpuss, The Clangers and Noggin the Nog, delighted – and continues to delight – children everywhere. His collaborator, Sandra Kerr – the voice of Madeleine and the mice in Bagpuss (see pic above) speaks of an eccentric whose cottage industry approach to programme making simply struck a chord with kids.

Who, growing up with such great telly, could ever forget the closing words of every Bagpuss episode: “Even Bagpuss himself, once he was asleep, was just a saggy old cloth cat; baggy and a bit loose at the seams, but Emily loved him.”

And here are some reminiscences.

STOP PRESS: Charlie Brooker’s “Screenburn” – normally a place where X Factor contestants or Big Brother housemates are lacerated in print – is the source of the most heart-felt tribute to Oliver Postgate.

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4 Responses to “Oliver Postgate – RIP”

  1. Julie Says:

    Who can forget Noggin the Nogg, Bagpuss et al. One has only to hear the voice of Oliver Postgate to be transported back in time to our childhood. Such is the power of vocal communication.

  2. Jon Clements Says:

    Julie – too true. And check out the new link added at the end of the post: see Guardian journalists doing Bagpuss character impersonations and finding a socialist subtext – pure quality!

  3. Judith Says:

    Oh for the time when our children were young and would sit mesmerised by these wonderful characters. If, as I sincerely hope they will, such programmes return to our screens, I will look forward sharing the simple enjoyment with my grandchildren….I just need my children to start producing !! On a different note – does anyone know how I could contact Sandra Kerr?

  4. Jon Says:

    Judith – have spoken to the Today programme and am awaiting a call back with information.

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