Media Future#3 – Get Out Of The Office And Find Your Audiences

October 30th, 2008 by Mark Hanson


Most of the interesting debate around the future of journalism seems to be led by regional journalists at the moment – check out Manchester Evening News’s Sarah Hartley and the Birmingham Post’s Joanna Geary.

But I had to share with you the lessons from the Bob Hope/Bing Crosby-style road trip of the US that is being taken by the Guardian blogs editor, Kevin Anderson. He’s getting under the skin of the US election, taking a gruelling state-to-state view of how this race is playing out at grassroots. Fascinating to read and it has many lessons in how print journalists can truly adapt to a changing society. Its not just about allowing comments on your articles, publishing your email address and having flexible deadlines:)

What Kevin is doing involving his audience in the story. The destinations and topics are influenced by his audience’s input, he’s meeting real people (!) everyday and encouraging people to get in touch and meet for coffee, beer, burger…

He also understands the necessity of freeing content from within the walls of your website and taking it to where the audience is. He’s mapped his network of blogs, citizen media and played a part in that network. He’s used the full array of social networking tools to share content and taken full advantage of Twitter to stay in touch with his audience in a more personalised fashion while on the road.

To learn more about the reasons for doing this, the interesting toys he’s used and views on the future of journalism, check out this interview.

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