Manchester App School opens doors

February 25th, 2010 by Jon Clements

As a recent convert to the iPhone and the wonderful world of the “app” (Planet Rock, anyone?), it’s good to know that the future of app development is being bolstered by a Manchester-based course for young people known as The App School.

Creative consultants, The White Room, are running the free course – backed by the city council, Cornerhouse (Manchester’s centre for visual arts and cinema) and Manchester Metropolitan University – for 18-24 year olds interested in designing new iPhone applications.

And with the mobile app market forecast to reach $6.8bn this year, there’s a potential money making machine for the creative person with the right ideas.

But techno-phobes need not be discouraged. This is about people with potentially commercial ideas and not necessarily those who dismantle computer hard drives for fun.

According to Phil Birchenall, project director at the White Room: “What we need is plenty of enthusiasm and ideas, that’s all.”

I eagerly await the “help your kid with his maths homework app”, and soon.

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7 Responses to “Manchester App School opens doors”

  1. RobArtisan Says:


    It seems like a real opportunity, if only I was young enough to apply

    Take care,


  2. Jon Says:

    As Meatloaf once said “you took the words right out of my mouth”.

  3. RobArtisan Says:


    the “young” reference depresses me

    Thanks for your kindness in getting the word out


  4. Alex Says:

    Where do I sign up!

    Seems a good way for creative people to channel their ideas and turn them into business success.

  5. Babusha Says:

    This seems like a brilliant idea. I am a Public Relations student and would love to try it out, because I certainly am not one of those who dismantle hard drives for fun, but this would be exploring our creative side for the sake of technology.

  6. Jon Says:

    I think that with the convergence of social media and public relations it would make sense for PR people developing their skills to have knowledge of what goes into mobile technologies and applications.

  7. Babusha Says:

    Yes definitely, I am doing a module on new media, just to be able to get the knowledge to apply social media with my PR skills.

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