Low take up of magazines’ digital editions

August 22nd, 2011 by Mark Perry

Hidden away in the latest ABC issued last week were interesting facts relating to digital editions of magazines.

With the growth, in particular of tablets and e-readers, you would have expected it to be a strong market.

It seems that where they are available the digital versions represent about 1% of total sales accroding the Press Gazette. The top sellers are Men’s Health (1,746), Hello (1,165) and Stuff (981).

Magazines such as House & Garden, Autocar and Cosmopolitan sell around 300 copies each and Vogue just 185.

While these are just optimised versions of the established print editions, there are magazines launching, such as Football Espana, which are solely as electronic versions having the look and feel of a traditional magazine. It will be interesting to see how well they do without the legacy of having had a print edition.

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2 Responses to “Low take up of magazines’ digital editions”

  1. Richard Jones Says:

    Print Magazines are a little bit of luxury, the print quality, the smell, the free mini sachets etc all lead to them feeling like an expensive treat, that you can buy inexpensively. How can you walk down the street holding a digital edition of vogue, how can you fold over the corner on a favorite article or picture in a digital edition, – print magazines that are well designed will always remain popular.

  2. mark lupton Says:

    I agree Richard – tablets ipads still have a way to go to beat the user friendly-ness of a magazine or a book for that matter. Sorry if that makes me sound like a luddite.

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