Google Ad Words And The US Election

October 31st, 2008 by Mark Hanson


Google has taken a huge amount of campaign dollars in this Presidential election and its argued that the two candidates that have made best use of it are the two chosen by their Parties to fight it out on Nov 4th.

Both McCain and Obama spent big and early on paid search. Anyone that searched for particular terms that were closely associated with either campaign during the primary season would have found sponsored links to Obama or McCain sites. The main objective was to start to build up list of supporters’ email addresses. People who you get to to do things and give you money! Hillary Clinton came in late to this tactic and suffered for it with a much smaller volunteer list.

The key is to keep an eye on search trends and ensure you are responding properly with your Ad Word messages and where you point people to. This is current data from Hitwise on search trends. It shows people are no longer researching issues, they are looking for where to vote. What you’ll see is both campaigns geo-targeting information on polling stations, help to get there and last minute messaging like this

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