Cosmo for Guys Launches with Ipad Head Girl

August 1st, 2011 by Rob Brown

The relentless march of the digital magazine continued with today’s launch of an iPad male version of Cosmopolitan called CFG: Cosmo For Guys. To herald the launch an imaginative bit of film called Ipad Head Girl dropped on Youtube.  The link to the magazine is clear if you stick with the video passed the minute mark.

The content of the new iPad magazine is 21+ and holds to the maxim that sex sells.  With monthly issues available as in-app purchases, priced at $1.99 (or yearly for $19.99) it makes more sense that the pay-wall model championed by several News corp. titles.


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Rob Brown has worked in PR for over 20 years and for over fifteen years held senior PR positions within three major global advertising networks; Euro RSCG, McCann and TBWA. He launched his own business ‘Rule 5’ in MediaCityUK, Manchester in November 2012. Rob is the author of ‘Public Relations and the Social Web’ (2009), blogs for The Huffington Post and is joint editor of 'Share This Too' (2013).

3 Responses to “Cosmo for Guys Launches with Ipad Head Girl”

  1. K Says:

    Whew! I am glad SOMEONE is finally taking a stand and enforcing the notion that women are merely objects, most useful for sex. Seriously, a slow-clap for you, dudes – they were almost at an equal pay rate!

  2. K Says:

    Hmm, comments need moderation? No wonder I’m not seeing ANY for this POS. I can’t imagine anyone with an IQ in the double digits would find this remotely tasteful.

  3. Rob Brown Says:

    Hi K,

    Yes we do moderate comments usually within a few minutes unless they are posted overnight (UK time). We only moderate out spam. It was the viral and the pay model that were the interesting aspects of this launch and prompted me to post this. It’s a shame that a good pay model and an interesting use of viral are for a product like CFG which is as you say tasteless.

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