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Ryanair’s Blog Wars – It Gets Visual

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 by Mark Hanson

It’s not just text that your audience can use to comment about you – technology means easily sharable visuals quickly do the rounds as well. Ryanair’s recent problems just get worse…..


Hattip: Antony Mayfield

Chattering Class

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 by Rob Brown


I am writing this on the train and it strikes me that there is a parallel between train travel and social media.  Bear with me for a moment.  Over the years I have noticed that business people can be a little indiscreet when they are travelling and fellow travellers develop heightened levels of inquisitiveness.

Which of us hasn’t cast a glance at an opened laptop or pricked our ears when passengers in the same carriage carry on a conversation about an industry we are involved in?   It is a mistake to think that a train carriage is a private space and the same should be said of the places where we gather on line.  In the same way that I have overheard and doubtless said things whilst travelling that I should probably have not, I have seen some real ‘corking’ indiscretions on-line.

True, Facebook has privacy settings and you can block people on Twitter but we should treat online discussions as if we were chattering on a crowded train rather than conversing in camera.  Likely as not people won’t be listening but we must always allow for the fact that they might be.   Also travelling on this London to Manchester train is Peter Mandelson…talking of keeping conversations private.

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Rob Brown has worked in PR for over 20 years and for over fifteen years held senior PR positions within three major global advertising networks; Euro RSCG, McCann and TBWA. He launched his own business ‘Rule 5’ in MediaCityUK, Manchester in November 2012. Rob is the author of ‘Public Relations and the Social Web’ (2009), blogs for The Huffington Post and is joint editor of 'Share This Too' (2013).