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Food Fight – Is this a Price Cut War?

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 by Hannah Newbould


Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA? That is the question on so many consumers’ minds at the moment.  Where will customers get the most out of their money and which shop offers the cheapest deals?

Competition for shoppers’ cash has become increasingly aggressive as economic uncertainty, wage freezes and high inflation have squeezed consumer income.

A couple of weeks ago we saw that following the announcement of slow growth from the UK’s largest supermarket chain Tesco, the company would launch an aggressive £500million ‘Price Drop’ campaign meaning 3,000 price cuts on its products, including milk, vegetables, fruit and bread.

Soon followed ASDA with a knee-jerk marketing campaign, pushing its continuous promise to be 10 per cent cheaper than any other supermarket, and now Sainsbury’s. Tomorrow we will see the launch of their ‘Brand Match’ campaign, a technology Sainsbury’s has invested in allowing customers to compare prices of their branded products in their baskets to the same products in Tesco and ASDA.  From this Wednesday, Sainsbury’s will issue customers with coupons to the value of the difference between its branded goods and those of its rivals. This has been launched exactly two weeks after Tesco’s campaign.

“The launch of Brand Match across the UK represents a revolution in retail and is fantastic news for hard-pressed shoppers,” said Sainsbury’s commercial director Mike Coupe.

In saying all of this, it has been announced today that ‘cheaper’ supermarket, ALDI, has seen a growth of 25% share over the 12 weeks leading up to October, the complete opposite of Tesco, which is seeing slow growth. Morrisons is currently the best performing supermarket out of the ‘big four’.

It will be interesting to see which of these campaigns will really lure consumers into spending at each of the supermarkets and if we will see a bigger growth in the cheaper supermarkets such as  ALDI, LIDL and Iceland.


Jaffa Cakes launched into digital world

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 by Hannah Newbould


United Biscuits has launched its biggest ever digital campaign in order to promote popular juicy biscuit brand, Jaffa Cakes. The brand has been launched into the social media world in a campaign to increase its online presence.

Media agency, MEC interaction has assisted United Biscuits in launching the integrated social media campaign.

The social media drive consists of two main microsites , ‘Cult of Jaffa’ and ‘The Jaffa Cake Broadcasting Corporation’ (JCBC) – both pages created and managed by MEC.

Cult of Jaffa is an ‘underground’ organisation that has been safeguarding Jaffa Cakes for over 500 years from the likes of the House of Garabaldi. It allows Jaffa Cake fans to become council members, inviting Facebook visitors to become a ‘Grand master, a ‘Jambassador’ or a ‘Keeper of the Scrolls’ .

Fans are encouraged to upload detail of why they should be recruited for the selected role. This acts a community platform and cult members are selected to promote the brand on and offline.

The campaign will roll out two phases over nine months, building a cult of ambassadors and then following the chosen team into their induction.

Sister site – JCBC is a spoof news site that lists news from Cult of Jaffa – today’s breaking news ‘Biscuit Boss in Mega Injunction’. The headlines play on the current news agenda.

Both sites are also supported by Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Flickr in the hope of increasing Jaffa Cakes’ online presence .

Their online strategy presents an interesting use of social media from both microsites and they host a creative platform in which fans of the brand can interact and engage.  It is a fun strategy with lots of tools for visitors to involve themselves in the activity.

Cult of Jaffa requires you to upload a video or photo of yourself being a bit Jaffa crazy and may require too much effort for people to apply. But who knows? Just because I dropped out at the  ‘upload video of self’ stage, it doesn’t mean that the population’s Jaffa crazy people will.  We will see…..


Consumer benefit – the key to campaign success

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 by Julie Wilson


It’s an obvious statement to make, but I’m a strong believer that for a consumer engagement campaign to be truly effective, it must offer real consumer benefit.

The following campaign by Coca-Cola is a prime example of one that does just that.

Stunningly simple, the brand turned the headache of a grid-locked journey home into a live and entertaining brand experience.

Engaging all of the senses with a cinematic experience amplified through drivers’ in-car stereo systems, the drive through or perhaps more accurately put, traffic stand still, movie experience provided frustrated drivers with a welcome distraction.  What’s more it provided the perfect platform from which to sample the brand’s new Coke Minis to an engaged and appreciative audience.

A great campaign, which put the product into the hands of target consumers when they needed it most.  A fitting promotion for the brand which strives to “spread happiness.”

Fowl! Marco Pierre White’s Turkey Tie-Up

Friday, March 19th, 2010 by Rob Brown

You’ll find this hard to swallow but former young turk of British cuisine is set to sign a deal with the architect of the turkey twizzler, Bernard Matthews.  Given that we are just 12 days away from April Fools it feels like an excitable PR executive has forgotten to put the April 1st embargo on their spoof press release. 

But, no. “Ever since I was a young boy I’ve been an admirer of turkey and particularly Bernard Matthews, because he is without question one of the great farmers of the last five decades” effuses the bad-boy chef.  

I can understand that both Delia and Heston feel that an association with the Waitrose brand won’t dent their image and we are well used to Jamie’s deal with Sainsbury’s but is Marco really the man to put the boot in ‘bootiful’?   The benefit to Bernard is easy to see but what amount of cash could make this a good deal for Pierre White?  His brand equity is unlikely ever to recover.  Move over Michelin, make way for MarcoDonalds.  


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