– The Shrek Effect

June 28th, 2011 by Hannah Newbould

This week saw the notorious website, accidently let 30,000 ‘ugly’ people onto its web dating social networking site.

The website, known for brutally only accepting people it thinks are beautiful contracted a virus allowing 30,000 not-so-beautiful people to use the site. But not to fear….They have now been booted off at a financial cost of $100,000 to the site operators.

The Virus that the site contracted was named ‘Shrek’- after the well-known film that has a key message that ‘looks should not matter’.

People who were axed from the site have now been offered counselling in the hope that they are not permanently distressed with the decision that they are not pretty enough for the website. Hopefully the site’s actions will not leave too much permanent damage.

In saying this, who actually agrees with this website anyway? It only seems fair that it should contract a virus that gives equal opportunities to all people.  In a report by the Guardian it was stated the website claims that Irish people are the ugliest in the world and Swedes the most beautiful with only 20% of Irish women and 70% of Swedish women being accepted. And, who says that people who have been accepted to the website haven’t enhanced their photographs via Photoshop or even further, if the image they upload is even of them?

It appears that the virus was installed by a former employee at the company.

Greg Hodge, Managing Director of the website said: “it was like planting an evil Easter egg – It was a very embarrassing day.” Well Greg, think how you make people feel when you reject them on a daily basis.



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