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Social media cafe Manchester – smc_mcr – logging out

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 by Jon Clements

Social Media Cafe Manchester – or smc-mcr as it morphed into – came along at the right time to meet a ravenous appetite for digital communications.

But now, it’s no more.

I’m grateful to Tom Mason for bringing the news to my attention and for his affectionate “eulogy” to this rather modest and yet highly influential fixture in Manchester’s calendar of digital creativity. For the definitive insight into why smc_mcr is logging out, check out co-founder, Martin Bryant’s post on the smc_mcr website itself.

So, what made it special?

In the digital sector – one that has now become big business for learning seminars, training courses, day-long conferences, etc – smc_mcr offered collective insight from real-life practitioners (often early adopters of digital technologies and communications platforms) at no cost to the participants whatsoever. All those great brains in one room, willing to pass on their knowledge because, well, they were passionate about their subject and the sharing ethos seemed to meld well with the social media milieu.

At times, smc_mcr was unapologetically and hilariously shambolic in its structure and organisation. But that was more than compensated for by the wealth of interesting people and topics you could expect to encounter over a couple of hours on a Tuesday night, once a month.

On a simplistic level, it was networking with people you also had a relationship with online; but it was really so much more than that.

And, it supplied a regular flow of great material for PR Media Blog which, at the time, was itself trying to make sense of the ever-quickening revolution in digital communications.

Normally, an institution coming to an end is a sad affair. But smc_mcr has done its job, if ever it had a “job description”. It wasn’t its style to have some sort of “manifesto”; that would be far too bloody organised.


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Adland Shock at Omnicom Publicis Merger

Sunday, July 28th, 2013 by Rob Brown

Levy and Wren

The scale of incredulity that greeted the news that started to emerge this weekend over the rumours that Omnicom and Publicis were set to merge was summed up in a tweet.   David Jones the CEO of Havas  the 6th largest global advertising and communications network and No. 2 in France behind Publicis posted a tweet on Saturday saying:

Publicis Said to Be in Late-Stage Merger Talks With Omnicom – via – oh wow just saw a flying pig.

Twenty four hours later the pigs were airborne as Maurice Lévy and John Wren were confirmed as joint CEOs of what is now the world’s largest advertising and communications group.


The CEOs said jointly: “For many years, we have had great respect for one another as well as for the companies we each lead. This respect has grown in the past few months as we have worked to make this combination a reality. We look forward to co-leading the combined company and are excited about what our people can achieve together for our clients and our shareholders.”

The announcement also suggests that the new combined company is expected to generate efficiencies or cost savings of $500 million/€377 million.

The surprise in adland is matched by some scepticism. David Jones again: “Obsession with mergers & acquisitions still amazes me…digital & technology have made scale irrelevant.”

Update 10am 29.7.13

As the shock subsides I’m indebted to Mark Pinsent for pointing out that I haven’t provided a point of view on the merger. Well here goes.

There’s no doubt that seismic changes in communications in the last decade have rocked the advertising world. Consolidation was inevitable. Consolidation must be on the cards with £500 million of “efficiencies” promised in the announcement.

Whether this was a good deal, as ever, you have to ask for whom. If the goal was to create the biggest marketing communications group in the world merging the 2nd and 3rd agencies is a hard trick to pull off. For Maurice Lévy and John Wren, and especially the former, this was an amazing deal. However there may well be client fall out, restructuring and potential erosion of value. In the final analysis the creation of the Publicis Omnicom Group may be at best as Martin Sorrell describes it a ‘nil premium merger’.

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