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Organic mess

Friday, August 7th, 2009 by Marita Upeniece

squash and pumpkins

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal published an interview with the CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey and his plans to bring a health revolution to the organic superstore. Yesterday, we learnt that Whole Foods sells a bunch of junk.

Admitting that your company sells junk is clearly a massive blunder and a bad choice of words on John Mackey’s part, but the whole strategy and confusing messages makes the already murky water around organic even murkier- last week, the FSA released a study which found that organic food is no healthier than conventional, stirring up a heated debate.

Where does that leave PR professionals trying to promote organic products? At the moment brands have been very quiet – in fact, I know a couple of companies who have refused to comment on the subject altogether.

The term itself has been heavily overused and the current developments are leaving even more customers perplexed. As there are more specific buzz words available, such as ‘pesticide-free’ and ‘sustainable’, are the days of ‘organic’ numbered?

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